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Company Policy

Company Policy

Reschedule or Cancellation Policy

Customers are required to give written notice.

Customers are required to provide Iconic Cleaning Services 24 hours’ notice prior to their original appointment time.

Customers are required to give written notice via-email. Customer can email or text to get confirmation/verification to see if Iconic Cleaning received their notice. If the customer forgets to give notice or chooses not to give any notice, THE CUSTOMER IS REQUIRED to pay fees for not giving prior notice to cancel, delay, and/or reschedule there date & time. Fees are as follows:

  • Returned checks or Non-sufficient funds fee $35.00.
  • Declined credit card charges $45.00.
  • If customer does not give a 24 hr. notice they are REQUIRED to pay full price which was originally quoted plus a $50.00 non-cancellation fee.

Supply Policy:

  • Iconic Cleaning services will provide cleaning supplies to residential customers unless the customer wants the company to use their supplies.
  • Customers are REQUIRED to get written approval from office.